EU Assistance Instruments

Main Instruments/Programmes and goals of EU Assistance

Since 2007 EU Assistance to Georgia has been mainly implemented by the following instruments:

  1. Geographical Instruments;
  2. Thematic Instruments;
  3. Investment projects of the Financial Institutions (EBRD, EIB, KFW);
  4. EU Programmes and Agencies.

The Aim of the EU Assistance is to support priority directions of the EU-Georgia cooperation within the legal and political  framework:    

– Fulfil the provisions in the Partnership and Cooperation Agreement (PCA) which is in force before the assignment of the Association Agreement (AA);

– Implementation of the priorities of the European Neighbourhood Policy Action Plan (ENP AP) including the Eastern Partnership (EaP);

– Support to the negotiation process on the Assosiation Agreement (AA) including the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area (DCFTA) and to the implementation of the priority areas after the signature of the agreement;

– Cooperation within the framework of the Mobility Partnership.