NATO-Georgia Commission meeting on Cyber Security Issues

On 27 November 2017, NATO-Georgia Commission meeting was held on cyber security issues in NATO Headquarters. The meeting was held at the level of the Partnership and Cooperation Security Committee (PSCS). At the meeting, Georgian side was represented by Nikoloz Gagnidze-Acting Head of the Data Exchange Agency, Nato Goderdzishvili-Head of the Legal Issues Division of the Data Exchange Agency and Maia Abuladze-Head of the Development and International Affairs Division of the Cyber Security Bureau at the Ministry of Defence.

During the meeting, the Georgian side made a report on current cyber security environment in Georgia, achieved progress and existing challenges. The parties have also discussed the planned activities in this direction. The Allies have positively assessed the progress made by Georgia and expressed their readiness to deepen NATO-Georgia cooperation on cyber security.

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